Bhagavata Gita wisdom 02- A self-answering question points to factors beyond the self-evident

 Chapter 01, Text 01 | A question that contains the answer within itself raises questions about the question. For example, suppose someone asks, “After the diners sat down at the restaurant table for dinner, what did they do?” “What a dumb question!” we might say, “Obviously, they ate.” But suppose we heard such a question […]

Sankirtana Spreads in the Land of the Arabs by Damodara Nityananda Dasa

Abdenasser’s suffered from a congenital heart condition when he was 6, but he could not receive proper treatment in his hometown. After several attempts to get good treatment, his family migrated to France hoping for better medical facilities. It was there he underwent a heart operation that saved his life. During the 1984 Paris Rathayatra, […]

Hearing the Unheard by Ankita Soni

After a long time, someone has come forward to help the tribals in their area. “Primitive, ignorant, jungle men, cannibals” – that’s what you call us. But you tend to forget that you and I live under the same sky, breathe the same air, and eat fruits from the trees that flourish on the same […]